U need help with check engine light? Let's barter!

U need help with check engine light? Let’s barter!

Out of nowhere, you’re driving along and your check engine light comes on. Your car doesn’t seem to be running bad so it can’t be all that bad…right??

When the check engine light comes on, a component is malfunctioning. In some instances, this can be causing damage to other components.

It is said, “the best money you will ever spend on car repairs is the money you will spend to have your cars problem professionally diagnosed.”
With all the systems of today’s car, the day of hit and miss mechanics is long since over. With the cost of today’s replacement parts, no one can afford to just start guessing and replacing parts.

Pulling the trouble code is just part of diagnosing the problem. The trouble code informs you of system the problem is located. From there the system is diagnosed to locate the problem.

Here is the deal…

I am a 55 yr old, professional mechanic. A real professional mechanic with real experience. I will help you get to the bottom of the issue while saving you time and money.

Here is what I can offer:
I will pull the code(s) causing the check engine light to be on.

Once you have the code(s), I will explain what the code(s) means and the system the issue is in.

I will explain what can cause this problem (code). For example; a 02 sensor code could be caused by a damaged vacuum line causing the 02 sensor to have a reading out of norms (lean). So if you just took the problem code for the 02 sensor being bad, you could replace an 02 sensor (for about $160 Ave) when $2 worth of vacuum line would have solved the problem.
With my access to the latest in professional automotive repair information, we will have the current troubleshooting procedures/flowcharts and specifications at our disposal. Believe me, having this information is key in solving your problem correctly the first time.

Once we pull the code(s) and pulled the related repair information, we will go over what options you have for correcting the problem(s).

If you are a DIY mechanic, and are considering making the repairs yourself. I can provide you with the information needed to make the repairs yourself. Your having the correct repair information will allow you to foresee any additional issues such as; any needed specialty tools you may need and any specific service instructions that will help you to avoid any pitfalls

As a bonus, my shop discount (for parts) is available if you decide to make the repairs yourself.

I think this is a great offering….

I am looking for the following…
Fishing equipment
Hunting equipment
Automotive tools
Construction tools
Air compressor
Ford Ranger parts
Boating stuff
Aluminum boat
Work van
What do you have to trade?

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