I am open for options like fruit/nut trees, mountain bikes, coffee table, building materials, tools etc.
Just let me know what you have to barter.

Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum), also known as airplane plant, St. Bernard’s lily, spider ivy, or ribbon plant.
It is a flowering perennial herb. It is one of the easiest and rewarding plant you can grow.

Spider Plant is able to rapidly propagate itself, through from the mother plant, will root with a very high success rate and within a year it’s producing babies of its own.

They are known to help clean the air when used as indoor plant.
As an outdoor plant when weather is warm they make a Gorgeous Hanging Basket.

The spider plants are able to quickly and easily update your home, garden or office landscape.
For a limited time I offer for barter 1 and 5 gallon matured and established plant (16-25” wide) with growing new babies and smaller plants.

If you prefer to buy the plants they are on SALE

1 galon plant $10.99
2 galon plant $24.99
5 galon plant $34.99
Buy 2 one gal plants get extra 1 for free.
The offer is good through 5/28/21
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