im browsing
and having a survey

Even Exchange Alternate Swap my
28 365 days Historic Completely looked after
Landola sd-11pce
Acoustic Electrical
Cutaway guitar
German Tremendous Solidtop
Mahogany support n aspects
made for Peavey in 1994
*Soft Case Incorporated
i will add cash or
every other 6 string nylon string 12 string steel string guitar 8 string Mandolin classical electric acoustic
guitar bass piano

To your
With No Concerns
27″ ie: 27 crawl
5k Imac Retina
i expend 64gb or 32gb i7
nonetheless 16gb 24gb 8gb
??? Could well be ample ???

im a
Photographer and a Songwriter
so if it has
Song Manufacturing Instrument
and or
Photography editing Instrument …
i might well be Significantly Interested

ideally sonething Admire Original
naybe a newer mannequin most neatly-liked 2017 or 2018 or 2019 or 2020 or 2021 nonetheless 2015 or 2016 is ample nonetheless not most neatly-liked

And for what its Worth Truthfully
One thing with………..

with No rotten motherboard
and not using a disorders
with No dull pixels
with No rotten our bodies
with No rotten ports
with No rotten wiring
with No cracked monitors

no stolen junk field ridden rotten atrocious lemons

any dishonest folks
will be Guaranteed
reported to native PD
and federal Authorities

My non Negotiable Terms
Serial Number Looked up
Prove Receipt or
that you might have to signal a Reciept
content fresh Tremendous Screech license/ID
evaluate its your Property

gibson martin case umbrella godin gretsch yamaha accumulate cordoba gk pro esteso torres es330 es335 es339 L-10 L-15 L-4 L-5 L-09 Lv-09e d-19 es225td battery rodriguez les paul leo fender es-339 es-350t es-335 es-225t es-330t taylor takamine collings santa cruz crimson blackmagic waterloo larrivee uv nd cp haze tiffen hoya heliopan singh schecter prs evh canon nikon fuji panasonic sony a6000 a6500 a7 a7r a7s i ii iii iv 5d 6d 7d r5 r 1dx ii 20d 30d 40d 50d 60d 70d 80d 90d d810 z9 xeon profoto hasselblad ii b+w d-28 d-41 d-42 d-45 d-18 d-35 d-21 om-28v d21 d35 d28 d45 d42 d41 omjm 000 18omjm 000 18ec eric clapton john mayer mirrorless dslr digicam lens filter b&w eos ef efs lenses tripod 5ds r 5dsr mark mk iphone mac ipad air ipod ear pods 6 7 8 11 12 13 x max pro i5 lighting fixtures monterey monumental sur xeon 8gb 24gb 32gb 16gb 64gb

Upright a Prove
i’m going to fortunately meet at my Native
Police Division
Sheriff situation
CHP situation Skedaddle to Craigslist Submit

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