1965 Vw bug completely built

Hiya cl, I’m placing up for sale my pleasure and joy. Advantageous no longer too lengthy ago within the previous twelve months I truly have dropped 27k into the auto. I truly have receipts and paperwork to bid every dime. I’m the third owner from what I used to be advised. Bug has orderly title, in my title, and pink in hand. I’m procuring for 17k OBO or birth to TRADES. Here is a substances list for the type:

Motor: 1915cc with 2400 miles
A1 block with fat trot with the circulation oil intention.
Oil cooler with fan (thermostat position to set off at 195 levels)
Chevy corvette oil filter
CP Panchito 044 mountainous valve 40 x 35.5
Valves adjusted to 0.06
Block studded
94 mm pistons
Fresh crank
120 Engel cam
8:1 compression
Upgraded rockers and lifters
1 5/8 aspect winder utilize
Breather box
Webber 44 hpmx dual carbs
Fresh coil
New distributor with electrical points
Lightened flywheel
New take hold of

Transmission: Benco throughway flyer 500 miles
3.88 ring and pinion
Chromolly axles
New wheel bearings
Fresh axle tubes

Front: 155/60r15 on stock smoothies (unusual hub caps)
Rear: 205/65r15 on stock smoothies (unusual hub caps)

Front disk brake conversion. Empi extensive 5
Dual grasp cylinder
Rear used to be saved drum but every thing used to be replaced with label unusual substances
Fresh brake traces

Front: 2.5 descend spindles
Fresh wheel bearings
Sway bar connectors replaced
9. Adjustable koni front and rear shocks
Rear used to be dropped with 1 outer spline
2.5 descend the total blueprint around
Fresh silicone interior/outer for the rear leafs
Bump stops decrease in half so they are at ethical height

New headliner
Fresh front and rear seat covers
Fresh carpet
Fresh solar visors
Front windshield, and all support windows have label unusual seals
Pop out windows
Slouch is all customary radio blueprint has no longer been decrease!
Speedhut gauges: speedometer, tachometer, oil temperature, head temperature

The auto has all customary fenders, hood and deck lid. I feel that it is the OG paint. Has moderately of patina going. It has about a dings right here and there. Nothing predominant. Roof rack

I’m certain I’m lacking a ton of gear. The auto used to be professionally built and is mercurial as all hell. Expedient cruiser to the ocean coast or prepared to rip within the snap of a finger. I’m asking 17k OBO. Originate to cheap TRADES. Let me know what you would perchance maybe have worst I will advise will not be any.


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