From a 1976 Oldsmobile Starfire ODD-FIRE Engine.
Objects came with the fresh optional Borg-Warner 5-toddle handbook with overdrive transmission. (wikipedia)
Here is JUST THE USED TRANSMISSION PRICED FOR OVER $1000 delivered. And right here is one more one:

Aspects are all readily available through ROCKAUTO, Ebay, and so forth. and so forth.
Many of top rate system as neatly.
It be got a god awful shift pattern… first is down and to the left 2nd is up and to the lawful. Reverse is the place first must be and the rattling shifter ball saved falling off the t50 most attention-grabbing shift lever. To no longer point out the throw is real instant.

Its the smallest rattling 5spd you’re going to ever survey and would possibly perchance well build it in location with one hand.

This can also just droop lawful as much as your inventory bellhousing and their are no adjustments to the grisly-member and I maintain this would possibly perchance droop lawful to the distinctive trans mount location

Be taught extra: old/3066337-borg-warner-t-50-transmission.html#ixzz467v81pwA
How can I deliver if it a shut ratio or wide ratio?Build the trans. in 1st. equipment and survey what number of turns of the input shaft it takes to expose the output shaft 1 turn. If lawful somewhat over 3 it’s miles a shut ratio. If nearly 3 1/2 it’s miles a wide ratio. Moreover,the shut box came in V-8 Monzas.

Be taught extra: old/3066337-borg-warner-t-50-transmission.html#ixzz467vTS8o7

Be taught extra: old/3066337-borg-warner-t-50-transmission.html#ixzz467vKNSks


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