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Barter of America.com is a Trade Exchange business-to-business marketplace and community for global trade focusing on helping buyers/sellers cut down time, money and effort spent in trade process through its web-based information and e-business platform. Barter of America is the New Monetary System of Digital Money — A Totally Cashless Society with it’s world’s leading network of Merchants and corporate companies. Located in major business centers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. Barter of America offers a global marketplace for businesses to trade a wide variety of products and services.

Barter of America is transforming and popularizing business barter, by making barter a practical business tool. Barter of America members work with local trade brokers to facilitate trading, and gain access to our global network of trading participants.

What is our strategy?

Barter of America is already advancing its strategy of building a global barter exchange. Barter of America has develop a communications, transaction and settlement infrastructure for use by major corporations who currently participate in a $2 trillion p.a. non-monetary market, which includes corporate barter, reciprocal trade, and asset swaps.

Our technology-driven trading system is designed to improve the efficiency of what is currently a cumbersome, paper-driven commercial market hampered by currency exchange issues and the challenge to monetize assets which are taken in exchange. By bringing together retail and corporate barter exchanges linked by the Internet, Barter of America is expanding the trading opportunities available to clients worldwide.

In the same way that established stock brokerages have integrated the Internet into existing client services to expand their business and revenue, Barter of America clients may conduct trades and manage their accounts however they wish; through the personalized service of a local broker or Barter of America’s online system, that does not include guidance. Both options offering a worldwide inventory of choices to make trading more productive and profitable.)

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Partnering with BoA is simple: we help you sell your excess products and unused time to the other BoA members within the BoA network. In return…

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Every BoA dollar that I earn, I think of all the ways I can keep more cash in my pocket.! If you want to increase your marketing reach, and your brand awareness, I strongly recommend joining BoA, My BoA dollars are great discretionary money that I can spend anyway I want.

David Lee

Le Mirage Restaurant

I cannot say enough about what the Trading Community has done for me and how it has most literally changed my life and helped build my business. We love being a member of BoA. Great service and lots of resources to help our company grow. Wonderful people to work with!

Tom Steven

Web & Graphic Designer

If you aren't using trade in your business, you are missing out on a great opportunity! We've seen new customers as a result of BoA Barter. Many of them give us good referrals to their business associates and friends. All the BoA staff are very helpful with all transactions.

Mike Hussey

The Eagle Social Media Co.