I if truth be told enjoy an vintage architectural glass panel that I will barter for the rest that I fancy. It’s a ways 60″ x 36″ by about an accelerate thick. It has symmetrical art nuveau figures carved on the reverse. Very most attention-grabbing for a decorator window or shadow window. Within the checklist it has a red fabric on the help of it to highlite the figures, the glass itself is obtrusive.

I worth this between $500 to $1000. It’s likely you’ll well maybe moreover now no longer earn one for this tag. What achieve it is best to alternate ?

Magnificent mineral specimens, South Asian Damascus knives, Jade, Asian Qi-lin, unpainted metallic mesh baggage, timber ( what kind ), precious metals, and loads others. drag to the entrance for consideration. I achieve now no longer need vehicles, electronics, furnishings, or products and companies. I will, on the opposite hand, alternate for an exact metallic detector. Thank you. Lunge to Craigslist Post

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