2020 Global Reciprocal Trade Statistics

The World Trade Organization estimates that 15% or $8.43 billion of the $5.62 trillion in international trade is conducted on a non-cash basis.

Yet, as impressive as this number may be, less than 1% of businesses use non-cash trade as a means of doing business.

With the capabilities of global communications and technology, the power of reciprocal trade is more tangible and can be realized quickly and efficiently.

IRTA recently announced the results of their industry survey:

  • Approximately $8.25 billion was traded through reciprocal trade companies in 2020.
  • Of the $34 USD trillion global economy:
  • 60% is consumer spending
  • 30% is government spending
  • 10% is business spending ($3.2 trillion)
  • The target is 4% of total business spending. This means there is an approx. $136 USD billion opportunity for reciprocal trade through exchanges, not including corporate trade or countertrade…
  • Reciprocal Trade by Geographic Region (per year)

North America / Latin America

  • Approximately 500 commercial trade exchange companies
  • Approximately 5 corporate/hybrid trade companies
  • Estimated 2.3 billion USD traded through commercial exchanges
  • Estimated 2.1 billion USD through corporate/hybrid trade companies.

Europe & Middle East

  • Approximately 100 commercial trade exchange companies
  • Approximately 4 corporate/hybrid reciprocal trade companies
  • Estimated 1.8 billion EURO total traded through reciprocal means
  • Australasia (Australia and Asia):
  • Approximately 100 commercial barter exchange companies
  • Approximately 3 corporate/hybrid barter companies
  • Estimated 1.85 billion AUD total traded through reciprocal means