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Barter of America.com is a Trade Exchange business-to-business marketplace and community for global trade focusing on helping buyers/sellers cut down time, money and effort spent in trade process through its web-based information and e-business platform.

What is Barter of America.com Inc.?

Barter of America.com is a Trade Exchange business-to-business marketplace and community for global trade focusing on helping buyers/sellers cut down time, money and effort spent in trade process through its web-based information and e-business platform. Barter of America is the New Monetary System of Digital Money — A Totally Cashless Society with it’s world’s leading network of Merchants and corporate companies. Located in major business centers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. Barter of America offers a global marketplace for businesses to trade a wide variety of products and services.

Barter of America is transforming and popularizing business barter, by making barter a practical business tool. Barter of America members work with local trade brokers to facilitate trading, and gain access to our global network of trading participants. (TOP)

How does barter work?

Barter is simply the exchange of goods and services without the use of money. People have been doing it informally for thousands of years…but today, this type of transaction has turned into a sophisticated business practice.

When you join Barter of America.com, Inc., you have the opportunity to trade your services or products with those of more than 1,500 BoA clients. Let’s say you own a landscaping business and you need a lawyer to help you incorporate. You’ll look in the BoA directory or call your BoA trade broker to find a lawyer in your area. You’ll meet directly with the lawyer to discuss your needs, just as you would if this were a cash transaction.

So, now you’re ready to hire the lawyer. What happens next? You need a lawyer…but the lawyer probably doesn’t need landscaping.

That’s where BoA comes in. You don’t trade directly with the lawyer; instead you pay for the transaction with trade dollars. You may have earned your trade dollars by upgrading the landscaping of a local restaurant…or by landscaping the home of a local business owner.

Essentially, BoA acts as a clearinghouse, keeping track of transactions and helping you link up with businesses that have something you want, or that need your services. When you make a sale, you call for an authorization and complete a sales invoice. You submit this to BoA, along with a small cash service fee, and your trade account will be immediately credited for the amount of the sale. Put barter to work for your company! It’s a simple, effective way to expand your business horizons.

What can be traded?

Why Trade?
The reason cited by Fortune 500 clients in ‘99 are: Leverage value, Conserve cash , Solve problems, Control distribution ,Reduce risk .

What can be traded?
Undervalued Product Inventories
Excess from forecasting errors, packaging changes, technology changes, etc. – everything from premium and incentive items to refurbished products.

Excess Production Capacity
Produce products for trade to improve plant efficiency, absorb overhead and utilize excess components.

Industrial Products
Steel, resins, oil, paper, chemicals, etc.

Depreciated Assets
Real Estate, equipment, accounts receivable, etc.


Nontraditional Retail
Mass Merchandisers
Drug Chains
Dollar Stores
Warehouse Clubs
Home Center Chains
Specialty Retailers & Distributors
Private Label
Premium & Incentive Users
TV Shopping
Duty Free

How do we market your business?

Our trade brokers phone member businesses that regularly purchase your products or services and facilitate an introduction. Our brokers become part of your sales force.

We place your ads in our monthly newsletters – free of charge. Newsletters are direct mailed to thousands of businesses.

We send daily emails where we sell your products and promote your services.

We place your specials on our weekly Hot Fax. This is a great way to move inventory quickly or fill a vacant seat at an event.

We provide a free listing in our membership directory.

We produce trade shows for member businesses where they can display what their company has to offer.

We host informal gatherings where members can Network.

We distribute your flyers and brochures through our direct mail program to member businesses.

We provide regional and national exposure to businesses looking to expand their horizons. We do this through the “Banc” and “Universal Currency” which is nationwide.

We connect your web page to our active member shopping mall on the Internet. Or, we create a Website for you.

How are inventories remarketed?

Barter of America will remarket your goods to complement, not compete with your current distribution — domestically or internationally. Yes, Internationally, globally… “There’s no industry that can be impacted any greater than the barter industry by the opportunities on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Indonesia or Afghanistan. The Internet makes the whole world a village. “Barter isn’t just for your neighborhood. It’s now international.” The barter system began in the U.S. approximately 30 years ago. Now its exists in 52 countries around the world.

There are many advantages to international bartering. Global locations with opposing weather seasons are one such advantage. BoA successfully traded $170,000 in off-season summer merchandise to a business in Argentina, during the Argentinean summer season.

“We had an opportunity to sell these items for regular price. If we sold them locally, we’d have to price them at a discount due to the end of the summer season,” We continually commit to your defined remarketing restrictions.


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If cash is the lifeblood of a business, a plan shows its arteries. We can outline your business in a way that your target audience will identify with.

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