I even possess a diversity of Python Snakeskin items. Here is GENUINE fabric & no longer faux &/or a reproduction.

I also possess on hand… roper vogue billfolds (pictured), cd/dvd/scheme/gaming circumstances (pictured), + belts, varied horse hair items, etc…

I even possess constructed these out of ALL high of the vary offers, python, leather-essentially based, kangaroo lacing, etc… The designs are hand-painted using high of the vary acrylics. THIS IS NOT JUNK!!

They’ve been meticulously crafted to provide most durability!! These are extraordinarily high quality & very natty items!!

The python roper vogue billfolds retail for $250 to $350 looking out on offers & craftsmanship however I most continuously promote them for about $120 ea.

Bartering suggestions?? (I also possess diverse handcrafted items on hand)
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