Four Winds RV

1996 Four Winds
460 eng. 30toes.
73,885 mileage

Good enough, here is the deal. I agree with $20,000 into this RV Full.
So, I’m involving to promote outright for below offer,
or exchange it -(tittle for tittle)- for a right situation
pull in the again of camp trailer. The trailer also can mute be a dual axel,
right inner & out, right tires, 25 toes or longer, and sorry,
but not drawn to a fifth wheel.

My RV is a 1997 Hurricane, made by Ford, 460 eng, trip’s
very just right, would not leak any form of fluids, nor does it smoke.
The transmission shift’s gentle, all tires are virtually contemporary, both
roof air conditioners are contemporary, the john is contemporary,
all inner sink water lines are contemporary,
the sizzling water tank & propane tank both agree with contemporary relief valves,
sizzling water tank is 6-gallon, Pergo floor is admire contemporary,
the sofa & table bench seat covering is admire contemporary, sure, the sofa
folds into a mattress.

The generator has below 500 hrs on it, it is miles a 5,000 watt & runs
wide. The total 12-volt lights are Led lights, range, oven, hood fan & gentle
work as they also can mute, automatic step works properly, I put in contemporary
eng. & auxillary industrial batteries in it, there are two roof
solar panels with all contemporary wiring & controller that is mounted inner
the rear bedroom with a meter to boot.
Within the engine compartment I install a retain an eye on to either shut off
the eng battery & exercise auxiliary only or shut off both when not in exercise.
The 110 inlet works the entirety when famous, or sitting, for the lights,
fridge, and heaps others. and retains the batteries charged to boot.

Simplest ingredient unsuitable in any admire is easy…”(it needs a mattress mattress)”
It drives gentle, no play in the steering, and heaps others…………….
I’m asking $16,500, Supreme Money Offer, or Commerce for Camp Trailer.
I stay in Goldfield, Nevada….I agree with, “A Obvious Tittle”
If Excessive, then ship electronic mail with phone quantity so we are in a position to focus on.
Ron M. Plug to Craigslist Put up

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