RESEDA Stargazer Palmreader needs trudge to nook market

Accumulate an astrology chart, natal reading, a palm reading, a total TALENT / FUTURE /DESTINY reading,

Your RESEDA Witch has 67 yrs reading journey i.e since 1953 when astrologer Mother taught her and he or she began reading palms, labored for film stars whereas she raised 4 children, wrote 3 quilt tales for DELL HOROSCOPE MAG

YOU WILL GET on the least a 100$ value of famous person/palm astrodice and PALMISTRY work in EXCHANGE for a half mile trudge to nook RALPHS or JONS equidistant from RESEDA rental. And the entire free garden vegetation you receive to possess, MADAGASCAR JASMINE VINES, PASSIONFLOWER VINES plus a pair of dozen others.

YOUR WITCH is EIGHTY YEARS OLD can no longer desire BIKE to market and has hungry cats. And kittens.
All of us want a Stargazer in a WW III ache. Race to Craigslist Put up

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