I’m starting a trade-up marketing campaign such as the “One Crimson Paperclip” trades for just a few years within the past.

ONE MANGLED QUARTER… I got it in a roll of quarters. My monetary institution could perchance no longer rep it. Nor will any merchandising machine or coin-op.

level-headed appropriate for flipping, perchance a fab guitar pick (more adore bass pick) ,and would salvage a UNIQUE golf ball marker. In fact it’s far a UNIQUE ART half! #nft

anyway, electronic mail me with trade tips, I could get one, we are going to salvage the trade, this could perchance be documented, and a good deal of others., and a good deal of others…

NOTES: it be NOT Silver or any uncommon yr…it appears find it irresistible used to be crushed in vice grips and them hammered flat.

Lets stumble on how far this goes!

FIRST TRADE! Erika Stokes from The Relentless Dragon games in Recent Hampshire ( traded me this SET of gamer dice with tiny golden gears interior. valued at $20 ish (and I in actuality accept as true with an artist perfect friend who wants them, so 2nd trade is doubtless to be soon)

SECOND TRADE! A semi noted artist perfect friend of mine who would now not desire his name outmoded, traded me this painting for the dice. (he values it at $140) he also gave me a contact for a man accumulating his art and has “hundreds appropriate collectables”

THIRD TRADE! WOW! THAT WAS FAST! The collectables man traded me this REAL and CERTIFIED animation cell from Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound” framed with certificates… Ebay says it be worth about $500.

FOURTH TRADE! The cell traded for five DISNEY BLACK DIAMOND VHS TAPES. In step with this article THESE THINGS ARE WORTH A FORTUNE! I in actuality accept as true with : The Sword within the Stone, Aladdin, the Jungle e book, and 2 copies of the Fox and the hound. (each aladdin and fox and the hound were talked about by name within the article here is the article (you’ll must carve and paste it into your browser)
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