TRADE 2.5 Acres Successfully Septic Paved Boulevard shut to  Mt. Fringe of Town

Property has Successfully, Septic in no contrivance extinct, Energy on now, 4 shipping Containers, Mobile telephone Pole Fence 253″ on Entrance, fenced on loads of sides as smartly, Several thousands of Gravel, Septic is enlarged for additional use,,Trailer spots or no topic…free vitality heat and Frigid being constructed now When carried out, upright upkeep, Going to set Dwelling Trailer on It Moreover… TRADE presumably SILVER 0R GOLD, CASH, If You occupy the Cash,,,Win Me the GOLD or Silver and I smartly Make a selection It ……. BUT SEEKING TO TRADE FOR “REMOTE” OR Semi a long way away Property with reachable Water????? and Bushes. accept admission to {approachable with Automobile… on the very least A Trip}.It might perchance presumably perchance presumably also very smartly be A Project Moreover… Deed…… presumably Patented Deliver,,,May perchance perchance presumably pay off balance. If It has A Structure {it might perchance perchance perchance presumably perchance can want repair or removal} but No longer Essential… NO Contract or deed restrictions. WEST Montana PREFERABLY…, Idaho, East Washington, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon..I indubitably occupy Deed,,,I will carry A Narrate if there might perchance be A disagreement…. 2.5 Acres Tax’s upto date… IMPROVEMENTS HAPPENING NOW…# att.
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