Trading My Sumcoin to your Items

Trying to achieve some witness to witness trades for my sumcoin. Sumcoin is an index basically basically based fully cryptocurrency listed to the pause 100 coins in impress. It is the first and easiest index basically basically based fully cryptocurrency.

it’s currently no longer listed on any major commerce, alternatively the mission has been ongoing for about a years and market listings are in the works.

Since it’s quiet in or no longer it’s early stages, I’m willing to make honest affords with the coins I bear, for folk which would possibly maybe be interested, my major design is to salvage extra volume for the coin.

I’m very Drawn to one thing 2A, car or motorcycles, pc methods, other crypto, and originate to any affords and objects.

Can attain verbalize transaction from pockets to pockets

Let me know what you bear, thanks for reading
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