Tres Mil Quineintos Es2yo carro Toyota estillo 4Runner SR5 millas=275

perdon si yo no escribe
bien en espanol
perro si puedo hablar
engles or espanol 🙂

carro corre muy bien
it runs very factual

llame ….
Tres uno Sero
siete quatrro nueve
tres quattro tres siete
or si querres …. texto 🙂

home 310…..
demonstrate contact data llame / texto

Three thousand five hundred
en cash solamente
$3500 no menos
solamente en Money

venganse a Palos Verdes 90275
si queres a manejar el carro
udted tengo un Buenas Dia

Tres Mil Quineintos
y es tuyo
estillo 4Runner SR5

Rear rotors n brakes 2 yrs
Entrance brakes 1yr
New Oxygen Sensor 2019
Handed Smog November 2020
New Alternator 2 yrs
Factual tires
energy windows
4 door
Rear drums additionally replaced
3.4 Strong Highly efficient engine
Entrance Wheel Dive
Pink Slide
Factual tires
New heavy duty battery 1yr
New Spark plugs 1yr
Tinted windows
Strength windows
Strength locks
Tow equipment
4 foor SUV
Back cargo home appears to be like Large
rugs may desire a cleaning
front seats Comprise covers
Stereo works
air conditioning works
all lights work
all signals work
275okay miles
but Engine is Running Strong

name or textual snort material between 7am-10pm
((Letters are Numbers))
cash finest
any scams would possibly be reported

Verifiable currency cash finest

name or textual snort material 7am-10pm
(310) PIX-FIER

cash finest
si es jente malo
va reportad a la Policia Jog to Craigslist Put up

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