Want trailer carrier/bearings Repack repairs/brakes/electrical!

Want trailer repairs repack bearings repairs/brakes , electrical/suspension?
Seal roofs ,change planks ,set up brake controllers ,7 map systems
I work on
Dump trailers
Horse trailers
Auto haulers
Cargo trailers
Utility trailers
I solution to your role

Repack bearings repairs encompass
Inspection of bearings/brakes
In the event that they attempt, we totally neat them
Repack, ideal grease, unique seals adjustments if needed, pictures sooner than and after for future reference.
Lubricate suspension and coupler
See 7 map..any extra parts needed will likely be extra.$$
Single axle $160-180
Tandem axle
Bumper pull $260-290
Triple axle or gooseneck
Cash costs
Over 25yrs of journey
Or trades welcome what construct that which you can well need ..?
Fervent by trailer projects
Energy instruments
Automobiles /furnishings and heaps others
Call text demonstrate contact recordsdata Plod to Craigslist Post

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