Native application developer in LA and OC can barter with for anything. Let me know what you’ve got gotten or provider.

I hang great abilities in web, app, tool construction plus my present cyber web hosting keep up. If you occur to’ve got gotten web predicament domains bought, I will launch online within an hour included ssl and database. and it’s all barter finest. no wish to pay.

If you occur to’ve got gotten an blueprint and originate up without any funding, I will barter with you and produce your new industry blueprint comes correct without paying any IT initial payment

I hang already barter with some local doctors and two originate up for fintech and performed their proof of blueprint work, and even total their work so that they’ll video display to the investor. And I will video display extra how it works.

I will meet you in particular person in la and oc. Breeze to Craigslist Put up

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