White lens 4 Martin 000-28 hd-28 d28 d-35 hd-35 Canon 70-200mm 2.8 ii

okay unswerving
high-tail away your quantity

i’m in a position to Meet at ANY local
police Effect
hearth assign apart of abode
CHP assign apart of abode
Sheriff Effect

At the muse Paid
with tax and B+W filter
Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8 IS II
For your Martin 000-28 martin hd-28 martin d28
martin d-35
martin hd-35

Purchased it
Attach a lens protector on it
it sat in a Digicam Secure
in a Closet
presumably Handiest
50-100 photos
furious by it

Paid over
with B+W lens Filter
Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8 IS II L Lens
Paid $2,099 w/o tax
Paid $2,298.41 with TAX
Paid $110 B+W lens Filter

i will Even Alternate my
Canon Retail Box
Canon Grnuine Hood
Canon Unswerving Tripid Mount
Canon Unswerving Lens Caps
Neat Glass No Scratches

Handiest for Objects Below
savor Novel Martin Guitar Model
000-28ec eric clapton hd-28
000-28omjm john mayer 00-28
d28 d-35 hd-35 om-28v d35 d18 d-18
d41 d-41 d-42 d45 d-45 or 00-45
reimagined vts special vs anniversary restricted ltd adirondack


Alternate for martin 000-21 om-21
Alternate 4 gibson es 339 es 335 es339 es335
Alternate for guild jf-65 jf-55 jf55 jf 65
Alternate for gibson j-45 j45 j 200
Alternate 4 gibson j-200 sj-200 sj200 j200
Alternate for martin omjm ec sheryl crow


Alternate for Huss and Dalton guitar
Alternate for Santa Cruz Guitar
Alternate for Bourgeous guitar
Alternate for Collings guitar


Harley Davidson
mercedes gl450
mercedes sl500
Toyota 4Runner 4×4 suv SR5 ltd restricted
jeep sahara 4 door rubicon
Mustang gt convertible
camaro ss rs convertible
bmw tesla audi infinity acura SUV
toyota tocoma


$2000 +
Strat electrical
stratocaster electrical
nocaster electrical
fender les paul electrical
Gibson electrical 57 or 1957 1959
american identical outdated primitive player
chet atkins brian setzer gretsch falcon

Dodge RAM Truck
Ford f150 f250 f350 f-150 f-250 f-350
Toyota trd
chevy chevrolet z71 escalade denali
hummer world

high-tail away your quantity
Trot to Craigslist Put up

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