WTT: four Goldwing motorcycles for 2 passenger UTV with 4×4

These are four projects. One (sad GL1000) runs and desires truthful tuning (on non-op), and three are in need of work and in need of getting title. (One (blue GL1100) has a signed crimson with a whole bunch lend a hand costs, the assorted two, yellow GL1000 and sad GL1100, are mysteries to title ancient previous… potentially out of system.)

We want a respectable 4X4 UTV to derive to our spring on our property up north. It does now not need to unruffled be like or reasonably, moral righteous and with a low range to derive up a steep grade. I’m able with the procedure to add a little amount of cash if the auto is in optimistic shape. A transient bed, frequent cab 4×4 truck will even work.

Another item I would rob into consideration is a 16 foot aluminum fishing boat. Our 13 footer is undersized for our family.

Please set a question to as many questions as you desire to maintain. I’m ready to abet load. I in actuality maintain many spare sides, also.

Please send knowledge on what you maintain.

Come Dumbarton Bridge in Newark. Hump to Craigslist Submit

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